It's Got to Be a Pea

What is that tiny little ball that's knocking at your door?
Grass-green and round it makes no sound when rolling 'cross the floor
Born in a pod and served with cod it doesn't grow on trees
It's got to be
It has to be
It's certainly a pea

It might come from a freezer bag or fresh or from a can
It might be liquidised in soup though would taste weird in jam
What's fun to flick at dinnertime at friends or family?
It's got to be
It has to be
It's definitely a pea

It could be minted, split, black-eyed or even marrow fat
Or squished and squashed beneath your shoe, steamrollered, fairly flat
Don't stick one up your nostril it will make you sniff and sneeze
It's got to be
It has to be
(The 16th letter of your ABC)
It's unquestionably a pea