Knees tremble

Knees knock

Are frequently seen

Between shorts and socks

Never knee me hard

You could seriously hurt me

Playing in the park

Knees could become dirty

Grazed, cut or bruised

Unlike feet knees need no shoes

Or hats

Already possessing their own knee caps

Shaped like two big burger baps

“Heads, shoulders, knees and toes”

A rhyme time knee song everyone knows

Bend your knees

If you are knighted

“Arise Sir Neal”

Excited! Delighted!

Scoring Cs and Ds and Es?

Then maybe you are not the bee's knees

On your knees

Completely defeated

Aching knees?

Then be seated

I've known you since your were knee-high

But now we see each other eye-to-eye

As your knees grow nearer to the sky

Have a knees up

Get things rocking

Shaking knees?

Seen something shocking?

Indeed knees can cause great satisfaction

(And I don't say that

As a knee-jerk reaction)

They're lumpy, bumpy

Wibbly, wobbly

Knobbly, bobbly

So please, please, please

Let's hear it

For our knees!