Mega Slug

When I was bitten by a radioactive slug
I thought I'd become a superhero
Though I'm not the type to give villains a fright
'Cause am I the one who they would fear? No!

If there's a bank job in the town today
I'll arrive at the scene next week
Slowly I'll slide after robbers and crooks
Who've long since escaped down the street

Super-costumes I've worn - they never fit me
I'm such a short cylindrical shape
This secondhand one I wear is too long
Presented to me by Super Snake

At fighting I'll never make Heavyweight Champ
With no fists for a knockout punch
So while I should be bashing them baddies
I might be chewing through your salad lunch

But if you're an evil sort I'll do my best
To tackle you and then beat you
'If you can't face my slime then don't do the crime'
Will be my battlecry as I defeat you!