My Friend Tummy Ache

My friend Tummy Ache
Is always there for me
He helped me miss my tests in spelling
Maths and history
He gets me out of washing up
And making beds each time
Although I feel him in my guts
I'm told he's in my mind

My friend Tummy Ache
Takes over when I'm stressed
Ok he hurts a little bit
Yet welcome as a guest
When I'm due at the doctors
Or the start of every term
My belly buddy shows himself
And my intestines squirm

My friend Tummy Ache
He feeds upon my fear
If I'm anxious or nervous
He is sure to reappear
He stops me doing all those things
I do not want to do
I couldn't see the dentist
'Cause he turned up that day too

My friend Tummy Ache
Is my ace in the pack
If I'm picked for cross country
There's no doubt he's coming back
But often Tummy Ache's worn out
Relaxing in his bed
So in his place...
My good mate Headache visits me instead