My Mummy is a Mummy

My mummy is a mummy wrapped in white tape and old cloth
She has no bed but sleeps instead in a sarcophagus
She's not keen on the daytime 'cause she's frightened of the light
The bits of her you'd recognise are hidden out of sight

While most of us use bandages for grazes and for cuts
She uses them for fashion and I think that's pretty nuts
Her fondness for Egyptian culture cannot be denied
Last week she bought a pyramid and made her home inside

My mummy is a mummy - it's incredible yet true
She hopes to meet the pharaohs, sphinx and Cleopatra too
It's very complicated when she taking baths or showers
Her skin's a mess and getting dressed can take her several hours

Though Mum says that it didn't hurt when she was first embalmed
She often finds it difficult to move her legs and arms
I shouted Dad "This so mad and also it's not right"
But he’s not fussed 'cause he becomes...a werewolf every night!