My Secret Chocolate Stash

I've got a secret chocolate stash
That's hidden in my house
It's stored securely somewhere safe
For when my sweets run out

It's buried under lock and key
And is completely mine
A scrumptious bar of heaven
My emergency supply

And if today is grim and grey
With rain instead of sun
I'll bolt my door, sit on my floor
Then stuff my face for fun

I know it isn't healthy
I know it isn't right
But I just can't resist a food
So beautiful to bite

Twelve perfect squares to savour
Gobble, nibble, nosh and pick
I don't care I've eaten dinner
And am feeling sick

Who is the one to turn to
When I am feeling down?
My friendly, fatty, sugary mate
Delicious, smooth and brown

You can turn my bedroom inside out
Until it's totally trashed
Still you'll never, ever, ever, ever, ever find...
My secret chocolate stash