Our Teacher is a Caveman

Our teacher is a caveman
With a long black scraggy beard
Although he is our fave man
He's wacky, wild and weird
Has limited vocabulary
Though great at ancient history
He doesn't go past 1 B.C.
Our teacher is a caveman

We call him Mr Ug
He's hairy and he's scary
He waves a wooden club
And has a bath quite rarely
He's puzzled by the Internet
He keeps a pterodactyl pet
That really does confuse the vet
Our teacher is a caveman

He lives deep in the forest
With his cave wife and cave child
He shows us how to sharpen spears
And how two sticks make fire
Some say his brain is very small
Won't use whiteboards, draws on walls
Come meet the school Neanderthal
Our teacher is a caveman

He loves to watch the Ice Age films
On TV every night
How did he ever get the job?
He cannot read or write
When teaching maths he counts with rocks
He owns a sundial but no clock
Check out his woolly mammoth socks
Our teacher is a caveman

Who cares if he's Palaeolithic?
We all think that he's terrific
Our teacher is a caveman