Part-Time Superhero

When done with my poems and finished with rhymes

I turn to a favourite pastime of mine

In body-tight costume I'm wiping out crime

I'm a part-time superhero

I stop concentrating on publishing books

Instead I climb buildings with grappling hooks

And scour the city for gangsters and crooks

I'm a part-time superhero

Diverting attention from poetry texts 

I’m strengthening muscles, displaying them pecs

Now mighty enough to floor any T-Rex

I’m a part-time superhero

I pack both my pen and my pencil away

Then switch my attention to saving the day

If filling out tax forms I frequently say

I'm a part-time superhero

Each morning creating inspiring verse

Each evening defending the whole Universe

From four-headed aliens, monsters and worse

I'm a part-time superhero

Most authors I know think me totally nuts

But many applaud me for courage and guts

With two jobs I'll never be stuck in a rut

I'm a part-time superhero

So gaze into space and you'll catch me in flight

Or down on the ground finding villains to fight

Remember, I'm not just a person who writes

I'm a part-time superhero