Terrorise My Babysitter 

I terrorise my babysitter
What a horrid kid! 
Haunting her
Taunting her
I pinched her arm, run off and hid
She thinks she's smart
Then I outwit her
I terrorise the babysitter

What a nasty child!
Scratching her
Attacking her
Pretending her pet goldfish died
A little devil
Mean and bitter
I terrorise my babysitter 

What an awful mite!
Chucking chairs
Pulling hair
I let the tyres down on her bike
While threatening to kick
Or hit her
I terrorise my babysitter 

What a spiteful brat! 
Pick a fight
Try to bite
Stomp hard upon her brand new hat
I flood the floor
With glue and glitter
I terrorise my babysitter 

What a terrible tot!
Acting rude
Flicking food
Wipe both my sleeves on dripping snot
I trash my room
And scatter litter
I terrorise my babysitter
But tell me what would you do...
If your big sister babysat you?