The Shape of Rainbows

Years ago the colours of the rainbow had a massive disagreement

RED felt he was most popular
“I am in the blood pumping through every human being and living creature
“None would survive without me”

ORANGE had a different opinion
“I share my name with the juiciest, healthiest fruit
“I must be the best”

YELLOW thought she was tops
“You see me in the sun that powers our solar system
“Remove me and everything would cease to exist”

GREEN claimed superiority
“I paint Mother Nature's trees and plants that cover our amazing planet
“I am life itself”

BLUE stated his importance
“Earth's magnificent oceans and vast skies would be nothing without me
“I am everywhere” 

INDIGO pressed her case for greatness
“People admire me for my air of mystery and beautiful looks
“Precious and rare – that's me”

VIOLET was not to be outdone
“I have a flower and many girls and women named after me
“Surely I am number one?” 

Unable to agree on this matter
The colours still argue to this day
So that's why rainbows are always... 
Shaped like a frown