Tom's Aunt is a Hippie

Tom's aunt is a hippie
Into oddball weirdo stuff
Says she wants to change the world through meditation, peace and love
Buying frilly flowery tops
From the local charity shop

Playing her folk music
Always strumming the guitar
Helps the Earth's environment, insisting she'll not own a car
Walks for miles or goes by bike
Digs the hippie way of life

Tom's aunt is a hippie
Choosing sandals or bare feet
States “I'm not a murderer, so won't be eating any meat!”
Total vegetarian
Works as a librarian

Uses words like 'groovy'
'Right on', 'far out man' and 'cool'
Hangs her washing on the line while never wearing clothes at all
Only daisy chains and beads
Dines on beans and pumpkin seeds

Tom's aunt is a hippie
Though she's rather old and grey
Joining druids at Stonehenge you'll hear her howling into space
Herbal tea's the drink she picks
Such a psychedelic chick

Wish I had a hippie aunt
I think that would be great
Even if she lived like it was 1968