Tornado Tortoise

Tornado Tortoise
Always lightning fast
While others plod and ponder
You see him zipping past
Never creeps and never crawls
Never stops and never stalls

Tornado Tortoise
Quickest of his kind
As friends go slow - one mile a year
He leaves them all behind
Eats ten lettuce for his tea
Fantastic velocity

Tornado Tortoise
Such an athlete! 
Tiny tortoise trainers
On those tiny tortoise feet
Check out his new running kit
Don't you know he's super fit!

Tornado Tortoise
Won Olympic gold
In the creature hundred metres
Left opponents cold
Has no need to hibernate
Is he using roller skates?

I asked him
"Why are you so swift, Tornado won't you tell?"
He had a think
Then gave a wink
And said...
"I'm powered by shell!