TV Cop

I am law and order
I am on your side
Wear my badge with honour
Uniform with pride

On a daring mission
Putting wrongs to right
Tune your television
Every Friday night

Watch me on the box
Nine till ten o'clock
I'm a TV cop 

Keeping crooks and criminals
On the run
Dodging flying bullets
From each bad guy's gun

Drive a real police car
In a high-speed chase
48 more hours
Left to crack this case

Raise your hands! Halt! Stop!
Reliable as a rock
I'm a TV cop

Don't possess a first name
Or a family
Just an ace detective
Solving mysteries

If you're caught red-handed
Then you know the score
Lock you up in prison
Twenty years or more

Sharper than a shot
I come out on top
I'm a TV cop

I'm a TV cop
I'm a TV cop
Naa naa naa naa naa naa naa naa naa naa...