I'm a frightful fearful fellow
Dressed in suit of black and yellow
I'm the insect everybody hates to like
I don't care if I alarm you
I'm not bothered if I harm you
Once I've found and fixed you firmly in my sights

See me hover, see me flutter
I'm the nutter in your butter
Forming squishy squashy footprints with my feet
Such a pest and so annoying
I plan soon to be enjoying
That small pot of strawberry jam you've saved for sweet

Horrid humans do not rate me
They will constantly berate me
Much preferring buzzing bees or butterflies
Far too quick forever dodging
All your swiping and your swatting
I'm a terror though a thousandth of your size

When not bugging you for hours
I'm out pollenating flowers
Or off searching for some spiders for my tea
I suggest that you start running
'Cause my sting and I are coming
Call me W and A and S and P!