Who Stuck Glue?

Who stuck glue to my pillow?
Who poured glue in my sock?
Who placed glue on our teacher's chair?
Who squirted glue in the front door lock?

Who stuck glue in my library book?
Who smeared some in my hat?
And on a pair of roller skates
That are attached to my neighbour's cat?

Who stuck glue to the TV remote?
(Now we can only watch Channel 4)
Who put glue on Grandad's wig
Which can't be removed from his head anymore?

Who stuck glue to my computer
And to the saddle of my bike?
Who nearly made me float in space
By sticking my hand to a flying kite?

Who spread glue in my sandwich
And over all my chips?
So when I try to read this poem
I cannot open my...