Woolly Hat

When it's freezing cold in winter
With the ground a sheet of white
I put on my woolly hat
Before the frost begins to bite
It is cosy, snug and comfy
And it makes my head feel good
It is welcoming and warming
Looks much better than a hood

As it's knitted by my grandma
You won't find it in a shop
If you think that ice is not nice
It will keep you hot on top
My hat's stripy, sometimes itchy
With a bobble that's attached
Has my name sown in the pattern
So if lost I'll get it back

When I play at throwing snowballs
It stops my ears turning blue
I am happy, I am healthy
Though it's chilly, minus two
I say it's a fashion statement
Though it squashes my hair flat
I may sell my scarf, coat, boots and gloves
But not my woolly hat