I’m a Chocoholic

I’m a chocoholic ‘cause I just can’t get enough of it
I’m a chocoholic ever scoffing it and stuffing it
Milk chocolate
White chocolate
Dark chocolate
I don’t care
I’d sell my little sister for a single scrumptious square
What word whizzes through my thoughts again and again?
That wonderful word beginning with `Ch’ - I’ve chocolate on the brain
What do I like?
What do I bite?
All day and night?
Not Polos, chewing gum or Turkish delight
But Chocolate
I’m a chocoholic so I want to have a bath in it
I’m a chocoholic I’ll float ten large chocolate tarts in it
I’m getting wider, heavier and fatter
But I’m a chocoholic so it doesn’t really matter
Chocolate cereal
Chocolate eggs
I’m growing chunky chocolate arms and chewy chocolate legs
My dentist says "You have to stop!"
But I don’t care if my teeth rot
So long as I can have a lot
Of chocolate
What’s got me obsessed?
What gives my life zest?
What food is the best?
When I open my mouth what can you smell upon my breath?
I’m a chocoholic I’ll kill for that cocoa flavouring
I’m a chocoholic it’s my favourite snack for savouring
Chocolate yogurt
Chocolate spread
Hot chocolate when I go to bed
My mind is often finding that it’s all that’s in my head
Please – bury me inside a chocolate coffin when I’m dead
What tastes sooooo neat?
What do I eat?
What can’t you beat?
When you look inside my burger buns you’ll not see any meat
But chocolate
Guess what I'm having for tea?