I’m the Letter Z

It’s not easy being the letter Z
I’m always last when the alphabet’s read
I wish I was a C an F or a P instead
But I’m not
I’m the letter Z
I’m zigzag shaped like a lightening bolt
Or a capital N on its side
Though you don’t find me joining many words
I’m really a friendly guy
(Well that’s what other letters have said)
I’m the letter Z
I’m in `zip’ and `zap’ and `zebra’ too
In a `pizza’ I appear twice
I’m often put in place of an S
For example in `recogniZe’
Especially in the USA
Where `zee’ is what they always say
When they speak of me
Who gives the buzzzzzzzzzz sound to a bee
That’s buzzing round your head?
I do
I’m the letter Z
I live far far away
From the letter A
But next door to the Y
I'm not in between the two
Like the letter Q
I’ve no dot like a small letter `i’
And no symmetry like an O
If all the letters stood in order in a row
I’d be the last you’d get to know
I come out of your mouth or nose with a zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
When you snore in your bed
Because I’m the letter Z
I am the letter Z