Words, words, words
Can be profound
Can be absurd
Can be political, sardonic or satirical
Be sublime
Rhyme all the time
Be blank verse or much more “LA LA LA LA” lyrical
Words can shock you, knock you, mock you, and rock you
Being stuck for words can…writers’ block you
Words can be the latest gossip that you’ve heard
If you’ve drunk too much they can be sssluuuurrrrrred
Can be amazing, engaging and incredible
Can remain etched in your brain, permanently indelible
Can change the way that you perceive
Your ethos, your ethics, how you behave, what you believe
They can be side-splittingly stupid, “HEE HEE” hilariously hysterical
Words like `one’, `two’ and `three’ are much more numerical
Words can appeal to your insanity
Or touch your humanity
Can be so deadly, destructive and divisive that they stop your flow…
They can make a lover stay or go
Turn a friend into a foe
Turn peace into war
Build you up
But bitter words can be the final straw
(Is that why she walked out your door?)
Homer Simpson’s favourite word is “doh!”
Words can take out your most powerful enemy with a single blow
Words can make you GROW
Into a better person
Or shrink and shrivel you into a worse one
They can convey banality, ingenuity and ambiguity
They can produce anxiety
Make you worry, stress and sweat
Make you doubt
Make you regret that we once met
Or make you laugh or cry till your underwear’s soaking wet
Shout “Buy! Sell! Buy! Sell” and they’ll increase the national debt
Simple words can even be understood by your pet: “SIT!”
Do you know all the words to this week’s number one hit?
Words can infringe your human rights
Set your imagination alight
Make it ignite
If you’re cheating in your spelling test then keep your words out of sight
Words can make you want to Google their inner meaning
Reach for a dictionary or a thesaurus
They tend to be repeated when you join in on the “CHORUS!”
Words can send you to sleepzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Especially if you think that talk is cheap
@#”#@$% swear words are often blocked out with a “BLEEP!”
Words can be illegal
They can be libel or slander
They can unconsciously be copied from a song by Bananarama
They’ll help Obama launch a verbal attack on Osama
Or vice versa
Grammatically incorrect words can make you speak worser and worser
They can be weighty, mighty, tiny or diminutive
Can be actually absolutely alliterative
Or lead us to sometimes split an infinitive
Words can make you relax
Till you’re calmer
And calmer
And calmer
So you can comfortably slip into your pyjamas
And spend whole weeks meditating like the Dali Lama: “Ummmmm”
Our words are the sum
Of who we are
If we couldn’t say what we wanted to say
We couldn’t even describe a wordless day as ` greyer than grey’
And when I’m long gone
And I am history
These words will go on and on and on
So you can still unravel their mystery…
Words, words, words