She’s a super Supermum
As amazing as they come
She’ll do anything for us
Without a moan
Without a fuss
Cooks our dinner
Gets us dressed
Always clears up all our mess
Never has a time to rest
And she’s got a day job too    
Who’s the captain of our crew?
Super Supermum

She is top
Does the supermarket shop
Polishes our shoes
Wipes our noses
Disinfects the loo
Buys us clotheses
And apart from hugs and kisses never asks for anything back
Whatever she does she’s got the knack
When we’re naughty she puts us back on track
Who's the leader of our pack?
Super Supermum

Mrs Everywhere
Combing our hair
Driving us to school
Still she’s smiling
The Queen of Cool
Although she never gets paid at all
For her labours
Next she’s running errands for elderly neighbours
Who will forever do you favours? 
Super Supermum

Washing up, tidying up
Sewing up, drying up
Ironing, vacuuming
Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning
Making beds, darning socks
And she rarely puts her feet up until it's nine o’clock
But she still lets us watch what we want to watch
On the box
Super Supermum

Her day’s non-stop
She carries on while others would drop
Whatever needs doing she does the lot
And more
Without her we couldn’t cope for sure
She’s our own superhero
Though she has no superpowers
Just kindness
And thoughtfulness
For hours and hours
I really think Dad should buy her more flowers
Who needs superheroes stronger than steel?
When they're pretend but our Mum’s real
Super Supermum