Sixty Seconds

When that asteroid hits Earth's got sixty seconds left
What will I do before my final breath?
I could dial 123 and hear the moments tick by
Give transcendental meditation one last try
Hold all appointments that I've booked
Eat a boiled egg that's one-third cooked
I could count from one to ten six times
Think of a better rhyme for this line
Fry a minute steak but not have time to eat it
Shout “WE'RE ALL DOOMED” and repeat it and repeat it
Name every single Shakespeare play and sonnet
On my Facebook wall write `R.I.P.' upon it
Rob Barclays Bank of a million pounds in cash
Vacuum the house and put out the trash
Check my medicine cabinet for suicide pills
Be sure not to pay any red gas bills
Consume all the contents of my fridge freezer
(Apart from the anchovies on the pizza)
Repent my sins and find religion
Cancel my milk and Hello Magazine subscription
Sort my last will and testament and get my life in order
Play `It's the End of the World as We Know It' on recorder
Build a TARDIS and escape to a distant planet
Say “Goodbye” to my mates, Dave, Fred, Sue, Kev and Janet
Check my life insurance offers adequate protection
Pin my very last hopes on mankind's resurrection
Recite this poem exceedingly fast
Knowing all too well it will be my last
So many scary scenarios spinning round in my head
Forget it – I'll just go back to bed