Credit Card

You made me spend what you'd not got
You splashed the cash though I was shot
Your bank account was in the red
Yet still you spent not saved instead
You hurt my head
Squeezed me till I no longer bled

Being your friend was so very hard
I'm a battered and shattered credit card

You took me out to dinner and lunch
Then blamed me for the credit crunch
Your wallet's where I should have stayed
Or in a locked draw stashed away
But you gave me more bills to pay
And willingly led me astray

You pushed and pushed me much too far
I'm a misused and abused credit card

I'm not Amex Gold but plain old Visa
Your finance slave who tried to please ya
What you did in return was cruel
Poking me into that hole in the wall
With no money to withdraw at all
Till owning me stopped being cool

I told you not to buy that new car
I'm a croaked and broken credit card

And now I'm of no use to you
You reach for those scissors to cut me