I'm sorry that I spilt my drink
I'm sorry that I scratched your car
Stained the carpet with black ink
And flicked popcorn in the cinema

I'm sorry I ate all your cakes
The ones that you were saving
I'm sorry I kept our street awake
All last night misbehaving

I'm sorry I failed my maths exam
And that my bedroom's a disgusting mess
I'm sorry I put ants in the apricot jam
And I'm sorry I'm so slow in the morning getting dressed...

I'm sorry that I kicked the cat
And broke the TV remote control
I'm sorry that I smashed your window
When I scored that fantastic goal

I'm sorry I was rude to you
I'm sorry that I swore
I'm sorry I stuck glue to you
And shouted `NO!' to the household chores

I'm sorry that I slapped my sister
So hard upon her leg
I'm sorry that I didn't miss her
When I threw that rotten egg

I'm sorry I was late for school
I'm sorry I lost your house keys
I'm sorry I break all your rules
Like I don't always say `thanks' and `please'

I'm sorry that I told you lies
Left your newspaper out in the rain
And I'm sorry that when I apologise
I then do the same thing again

I'm sorry that I make you sad
I'm sorry that I make you mad
I'm really sorry Mum and Dad
When I'm not good
When I am bad
I'm sorry, sorry, sorry!