Mum's Got a Baby Growing Inside Her

Mum's got a baby growing inside her
Mum's getting larger, fatter and wider
It really is a massive lump
She calls it her big belly bump
Mum saw its picture on TV
In somewhere called Maternity

Tiny mouth
Tiny nose
Tiny feet
Tiny toes
Tiny arms
Tiny legs
Tiny body
Tiny head

Mum's got a baby in her tummy
Making her look round and funny
It's hiding underneath her top
Pretty soon I think she'll...POP!
Though it will make us very happy
I don't want to change its nappy

Tiny ears
Tiny eyes
Tiny knees
Tiny thighs
Tiny smile
Tiny gums
Tiny chest
Tiny bum

Mum's new baby under her blouse
Will soon be living in our house
Our family will then be four
And not a threesome anymore
We're all in an excited state
It's due next Friday - we can't wait

Tiny dummy
Tiny cot
Tiny wee-wee
Tiny pot
Tiny clothes
Tiny toys
Tiny girl
Or tiny boy?

Mum's got a baby growing inside her
Mum's getting bigger, fatter and wider