Water, water everywhere

To wash in and to drink
Filling up the swimming pool, the bath and kitchen sink
It makes the grass and flowers grow
In winter time it's ice and snow
In France it's known as just plain `eau'
Go with the flow
It's H2O

It has no colour, taste or smell
Found in rivers, lakes and wells
Splash, splash
Splosh, splosh
Drip, drip
Drop, drop
Rain, rain, rain will it ever stop?
Precipitation all over our nation
Go with the flow
It's H2O

Two-thirds of the Earth is covered in it
It's home to billions of fishes
Dangerous enough to drown all of us
Yet without it how would we do the dishes?
Great to shower in
Great to bathe in
Put down that water pistol, stop misbehaving
Go green instead, start water saving
Go with the flow
It's H2O

People die when it runs out
In Africa in times of drought
In the sweltering, scorching, sizzling sun
But if it's plentiful
Like in a waterfall
It's gurgling, gushing, glorious fun
What liquid's top of the plops at number one?
Be saturated not dehydrated
Go with the flow
It's H2O

It's in the waves of the oceans
In the tide of the seas
In the wet of our sweat
And in the `achoooooooooo' of your sneeze
It's in coffee, milkshakes, juice and teas
Turning to steam at one hundred degrees
Though at zero you can watch it freeze
I'm so thirsty, pour me a glass of water please
Go with the flow
It's H2O