Wet Play

Children bouncing off the walls
Breaking each and every rule
Noise and din rapidly growing
Teachers' stress levels are showing
Tables, chairs wrecked in a mess
Scattered Lego, draughts and chess

Games out 
Books away
Everyone shouts
"Wet play!"

Eat your lunch then class again
'Cause outside it's pouring rain
Football pitches drenched and muddy
Sandpits soaking, drowned and flooded
Drier times are so much better
It's no fun when weather's wetter

Autumn clouds
Dark and grey
Thunder! Lightning!
"Wet play!"

Pupils bored, nothing to do
Jump about like kangaroos
In a hyperactive state
More a battle than a break
Miss is yelling "Stop! Stop! Stop!"
Praying soon it's one o'clock

Summer sun?
Not today!
So what's instead?