Txt with U

I wanna have txt with u

It's the thing cool people do
Why see each other face to face
Or wine and dine in an expensive place
Like the rest of the human race?
I'll create a message then press `send'
To my remote romantic friend
With a smiley
A wink
A lol
And an `X'
This truly is the safest sex
What does my Nokia say when we connect?
I wanna to have txt with u

I want you there in the morning when I wake
And at night when I go to bed
But though you're dear to me
U don't have to be near to me
Just SMS me your photo instead
It's true to say we both agree
That talking's so 20th century
I don't want to hold hand or sit next to you
I'd rather fire off tonnes of txts to u

Over the airwaves
Through the ether
Via space satellites
Saying I'll never leave ya
And if you're feeling sad and lonely
No problemo but please don't phone me
Just check your contacts and then look up
My number so that we can hook up

I'll txt u though it's all spelt wrong
I'll txt u till my credit's gone
I'll txt u 'cause it's good to chat
I'll txt u till my batteries flat
I'll txt u from Uzbekistan
I'll txt u till the networks jam
I'll txt u in your hour of need
I'll txt u till my fingers bleed
I'll txt u with excruciating RSI
I'll txt u till my mobile dies

It really does blow off my socks
To find your name in my inbox
'Cause I think you're so beautiful
But we don't have to meet at all
So I won't make a booty call
I'll just have txt with u

When you switch on your Blackberry or your I-phone
Be sure that you're messaging my phone
I wanna have txt with u