Won't You be My Wonder Woman?

Won't you be my Wonder Woman?
Looking Amazonian
Creating pandemonium
Zapping super baddies with your electronic whip
You'll beat the bunch
With just one punch
And a flying kung fu kick
Life'll be a thrilling roller coaster trip
Starring together in your latest comic strip

You're the princess of power
Agile and extra strong
Forever righting
And fighting wrongs
Though I'm just an average guy I could tag along with you
To do things superheroes do
Into the sky
And upwards to the moon
Smashing the sound barrier with a blistering BOOM!

Won't you be my Wonder Woman?
I'd like to ask you round for tea
You'd be the greatest girlfriend in the galaxy
People would be gobsmacked - they'd stand and stare
Wonder Woman and Neal Zetter such a perfect pair
Who needs Batman and Robin in their daft long underwear?
When our duo will be far more dynamic
Deadly super villains would flee in panic
At the very sight of us
So please put down that double decker bus
And consider what I said
Why stay solo - sign me up instead?

Won't you be my Wonder Woman?
With your sensational stamina and scintillating speed
We could help the helpless in their desperate hours of need
And have such exciting times
Conquering crime
With me trailing you not too far behind
While you inspire me to rap this rhyme called
Won't you be my Wonder Woman?
Amazing superhuman