A Bit Famous

I'm just a bit famous
A bit well-known
No photographers are camped outside my home
My wax model isn't in Madame Tussauds
And a Lamborghini I can't afford

I'm not renowned
Like Elvis, Michael Jackson
Or the Queen
If I'm spotted in the street
Then nobody screams
“There goes the King of Poetry”
And I've never had a show on the BBC

I'm not a millionaire
I don't own a mansion
I don't get asked for autographs either
I've not been to Hollywood
I've not got a knighthood
I'm a flea next to Cheryl Cole or Justin Bieber

Now I DO get letters from my fans
That you can count them on the fingers of one hand
Of course I am more famous than YOU
Though Posh and Becks are bigger
Simon Cowell is too

But I'm not a megastar
I'm not a jet-setter
Only a poet, that's me: Neal Zetter
I'm not seen in Hello magazine
Or featured in the media
I've never had my own page in Wikipedia
I've not appeared in movies
Or had a number one hit
And my name's not on the back of your football kit

So if you ask me am I famous?
Am I famous?
Am I famous?
I say maybe...
Just a bit