It's often found between your toes
How does it get there? No-one knows
Bits of skin and dust and clothes
Funny stuff
Can't get enough
Say it loud
Say it proud

You can store it in a box
You can stick it to your socks
It's kind of grey
It's kind of blue
Containing lots of pet hair too
From your dog
From your cat
Don't keep it underneath your hat
Shout its name
Shout it again

Multiplying over night
In nooks and crannies out of sight
What's its purpose?
What's its role?
Baffled scientist do not know
Could it be a new life form
Sent to earth to keep us warm?
Roll it in a handy ball
Bring it with you into school

Don't let your fluff come to harm
Save it as a lucky charm
Make a woolly vest with it
Help birds build a nest with it
Aren't you glad we're blessed with it?
It's on the floor
It's in the air
It's even in your underwear
Have you got any going spare?