X marks the spot
X-certificate hot, hot, hot
X is times or multiply
EXterminate - the Dalek battle cry
X goes neXt to an answer that's wrong
Drink triple-X beer and you'll be well gone
Win X-Factor - have a number one song

Lose your loose skin - eXfoliate
Live away from the UK - eXpatriate
Cough, cough, cough, spit – eXpectorate

EXtricate yourself from a difficult situation
EXtrapolate data for more information
Empty your lungs through eXhalation
X is in Charing and Kings Cross Stations
EXonerate yourself from blame
If you don't get my meaning let me eXplain

X - the 24th letter of the alphabet
Mark it on your calendar for dates not to forget
But to remember
Like Xmas - 25th of December

The Z sound in Xylophone, Xavier and Xenon is made with an X
“GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” snarled the eXcitable, eXtinct t.reX
When he ate the eXtremely spicy TeX-Mex
All done of course by using special FX

Dig around under ground – eXcavate
EXpel from church - eXcommunicate
I've told you one million times – don't eXaggerate

There's no X in ecstasy unless you're dysleXic
If the thought of dinner makes you thinner
You may be anoreXic

I used to write on your cards X, X, X, X, X, X – so many kisses
Till you became my eX and no longer my missus
Xenophobics don't dig foreign intervention
X is shorthand for a telephone eXtension
But you can't call me
Because I'm eX-directory

X-rays – help doctors understand
The XX – what a great indie band
Wolverine – my favourite X-Man
With adamantium claws shooting out of his hands
X is ten in Roman numerals

When I eXpire it's my funeral
Then I'll no longer eXist at all
And I won't be able to read this poem
About X