My Nan Rides a Motorbike

My Nan rides a motorbike
Sets the motorways alight
Zooming down the M1
Racing through the rat runs
Backflips, wheelies, clever tricks
That's pretty cool for 86

My Nan rides a motorcycle
Neighbours claim she's suicidal
Tearing up the Tarmac
Dashing 'cross the dirt track
Screaming “Take a look at me
“Hell's Angel and OAP!”

My Nan's a motorcyclist
My Mum says that she's round the twist
Yamaha, Suzuki
Faster than the Grand Prix
Crash helmet and leather gear
Chasing police cannot get near

My Nan rides a motorbike
Loud as sticks of dynamite
First rode it to Birmingham
Afterwards Afghanistan
Speeding tickets she has loads
Careful when you cross the roads!

My Nan rides a motorcycle
Even though she's old and wrinkled
Breaking the sound barrier
Quicker than a Harrier
Doing 90 miles an hour
Gasoline and granny power

My Nan is a motorbiker
There's is no-one who's quite like her
Usain Bolt is petrified
The Ghost Rider is terrified
Is that a fallen shooting star
Or my Nan bombing past your car?

Normal pensioners travel by trike
But my Nan rides a motorbikenrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr