I’m gonna mash you up like strawberry jam
Gonna use my head as a battering ram
Gonna kick your rucksack as hard as I can
‘Cause I’m a mixed up man
With an odious plan
What am I?
You’re a bully

Gonna nick your mobile
Pull your hair
Gonna cuss your Mum
Mock the clothes you wear
I’m like a horrible sore-headed bear
Push in the dinner queue if you dare
What am I?
You’re a bully

I can be a racist
And spit bile
I can be a fascist
And totally vile
I’m your judge and your jury
With no fair trail
And if I don’t use violence
I’ll hurt you with what I say
About your race
Your religion
Or being gay
I’m the vulture
And you’re my prey
Get out my bloody way
What am I?
You’re a bully

It’s ‘cause I’ve got no friends you see
That I bully to hide my insecurity
In fact – people used to bully me
So now I’m gonna make your life a misery
What am I?
You’re a bully