Born a Cartoon

I was born a cartoon
Sitting on a comic page
Feeling cool and colourful
Yet wacky, weird and strange

A 2D animation
From someone's imagination

I was born a cartoon
Within a world so flat
All contained in square frames
And edged in lines of black

It's hard to move
It's hard to think
Until you top me up with ink

A title rests above my head
Adverts to my right
In the panel underneath
More characters in sight

Defying every deadly danger
From cliffhanger to cliffhanger...

If I was born a human
I'd jump out from this strip
Buy a house, find a wife
And travel quite a bit

It's a dream it's my ambition
To be fact instead of fiction

But I was born a cartoon
Check out my mag and read me
My future lies along a path
Down which my writer leads me

I was his creation
He made me an illustration

Sound effects surround me
Once I'm read I'm left for dead
And tossed into the trash

Then I rise up from the rubbish
When the next edition's published
Exploration of the Moon
The continuing adventures of this cartoon...