My teacher makes it clear to me
That if I want GCSEs
In English, Maths, Geography
Biology and History
Then get to university
My timetable won't end at three
But I must beg to disagree
Don't want to do my

Back in my house returned from school
My brain is strained and feeling full
What I face next is harsh and cruel
There's no respite or rest at all
I want to chill out and be cool
Go ride my bike or kick a ball
Why can't I flout one tiny rule?
Don't want to do my

Revision then a practice test
Jam cramming facts I can't digest
I'm losing all my zap and zest
Though Miss tells me that she knows best
I'm well and truly unimpressed
It's like I'm climbing Everest
Why risk a cardiac arrest?
Don't want to do my

I do it when I watch TV
I do it when I eat my tea
I do it surreptitiously
At night in bed when none can see
All work, no play's a recipe
For guaranteeing misery
A ball and chain is tied to me
Don't want to do my

Already I've a bad headache
More studying's too much to take
Forever keeping me awake
This camel's back is bound to break
I'll crumble like a Cadbury Flake
Wish I could stage the great escape
Sir set me free for goodness sake
Don't want to do my