The Naughty Chair

I sat upon the Naughty Chair
Because my teacher sent me there
I screamed my head off, pulled my hair
I grizzled like a grizzly bear
Began to curse, began to swear
“This isn't right, this isn't fair!”
The other children laughed and stared
At me upon the Naughty Chair

I sat upon the naughty seat
Began to bawl, began to bleat
“You're wrong Miss cos I'm innocent
“I never, ever, ever meant
“To stick my thumb up Sophie's nose
“And then to wipe it down her clothes”
I waved my arms, I stamped my feet
When I sat on the naughty seat

I sat upon the naughty stool
I felt embarrassed, looked a fool
For putting salt in teachers' tea
For shouting 'BLAAAAH' in assembly
For sticking chewing gum on doors
For throwing stink bombs on the floor
For burping in the dinner hall
They sat me on the naughty stool

Yes, I sat in that naughty place
Sir yelled “Wipe that smile off your face
“You broke the rules, you take the blame
“Now 'Naughty Neal' is your new name
“Sit silent at the back alone
“More messing 'round you'll be sent home”
So be warned, behave if not BEWARE!
Or you'll end up on that Naughty Chair