My Computer Died Last Night

My computer died last night

After many repairs he gave up his fight
With one last hug
I pulled out his plug
And out went his monitor light

He was part of the family
A very special relation
Storing my folders, documents, photos
And personal information
I used words like 'great loss', 'gutted' and 'devastation'
As my IT
Was consigned to history
When my computer died last night

He knew so much about me
With each keystroke we grew closer
Displaying so much more intelligence
Than the my vacuum cleaner, TV or toaster

I'll miss his silver casing
His keyboard and his mouse
I'll miss his warm and welcoming screen
When returning home to my house
I'll miss his Bart Simpson wallpaper
His processor's gentle hum
Surfing the Net together we had tonnes and tonnes of fun
Of all the computers in the whole wide PC World
He was my special one

I'll still reminisce about the files we shared
Upgrading his memory
Installing the latest software
From megabytes to kilobytes to gigabytes to deep despair
When my computer died last night

His metal body's now with the waste
But his spirit wanders in cyberspace
With his mind preserved and alive
On a portable hard drive
Waiting someday to be reconnected
To a new machine...and then resurrected

So despite holding a funeral
I had no need to be sad at all
When my computer died last night