Minotaur in My Minestrone Soup

The Minotaur's swimming in my minestrone soup
Dipping, diving
Looping the loop
Sploshing, splashing
Kicking his hooves
Doing water aerobics to the latest dance grooves

He's half a bull
And half a man
Not on the label of the can
So it was quite a big surprise
When he appeared before my eyes
Floating in my liquid feast
An Italian dish invaded by the beast of Ancient Greece

He's chewing on my celery
He's pointing both his horns at me
Spits carrot and sweetcorn at me
Why was nobody warning me?

I know this guy is legendary
But tell me what do you think you'd do
With a mythological monster doing backstroke in your stew?

The Minotaur's in my minestrone bowl
Escaped from the labyrinth's deep, dark hole
Zipping in and out the pasta
Showing me his teeth
My vegetarian meal demolished by a hunk of beef

This creature who dines on human flesh
Is dressed in just Speedos and his vest
Incredibly weird but it's the honest truth
The Minotaur's swimming in my minestrone soup