Mr Potato Head

I'm Mr Potato Head
Your favourite friendly spud
Not made of carbohydrate
Not made of flesh and blood
I'm a plastic vegetable
Completely indigestible
Everyone looks at me so oddly
Just a bonce without a body

I'm Mr Potato Head
Ok I know I'm weird
With two looooooooong wiggly arms
Growing out below my ears
My facial features have sharp pins
That children poke into my skin
I stand up straight though have no roots
And that's down to my big blue boots

I'm Mr Potato Head
Now a Hollywood celebrity
The star of Toy Story
1, 2 and 3
The feeling's really strange
When my face is re-arranged
I'm a tuber who wears glasses
Bowler hats and false moustaches

I'm not Mr Raddish
Mr Beetroot
Mr Turnip
Mr Carrot
Mr Swede
Or Mr Yam
But Mr Potato Head
That's who I am