Tread on a crack 
And you'll break your back
Your day will become a disaster
Step over that gap 
To avoid a mishap
You don't want to end up being covered in plaster

Walk under that ladder mate
Then you'll get in a state
Move around it with caution instead
Or something so awful
And bad might befall you
Like paint plopping down by the pint on your head

Open brollies indoors
And you know the score
You're likely to lose all your luck
You could develop a cough
Your head might drop off
Or your feet get mashed up by a runaway truck 

If you pass a black cat
It's nothing to laugh at
It could be a wizard disguised
A wave of his wand
Next your dinner has gone
'Cause he'll magic away all your burgers and fries

Smash a mirror in two
That's very bad news
Your life will be altered forever
My message to you 
Is buy superglue
Then hurry up stick all the bits back together 

And if you don't heed these warnings
When you wake each morning
You need to get into this habit
For a fortunate fate
Remember to state
“White rabbits! 
“White rabbits! 
“White rabbits!”