National Hug a Zombie Day

(That's Halloween of course – the one day a year when we should be nice to zombies)

Please give zombies cuddles
Please give zombies love
Though they're gruesome, grim and grey
It's the time to cheer them up
Show them your charms
Hold out your arms
Don't let kindness go astray
On National Hug A Zombie Day

Though they're shifty
Move so stiffly
They're not nasty girls and guys
Just misunderstood a bit
And bitter since they've died
They hang about graveyards
Yet that shouldn't cause dismay
On National Hug A Zombie Day

Do they make your flesh crawl?
Do they make your skin creep?
Are you troubled by the undead company they keep?
They're not too groovy
In horror movies
But help forgiveness find a way
On National Hug A Zombie Day

Their brains could be hanging out
Their limbs dropping off
They could be making zombie noises
And looking rather rough
They bite and fight
Don't sleep at night
Who cares? Ask one round to play
On National Hug A Zombie Day

If it bothers you to find them in your bed
If it bugs you that their eyes are bloodshot red
If you're worried by those axes sticking out their heads
Each Halloween
No need to scream
As everything's okay
On National Hug A Zombie Day