Elephant in the Room

Are zebras black with white stripes?
Or are they white with black?
Why was that murderer never charged
When we know curiosity killed the cat?

If early birds catch the worms
Why don't worms get there later?
Can an adder also multiply
Without a calculator?

Do all camels have the hump
They seem quite chilled to me?
Fish have no hands
So how'd I get fish fingers for my tea?

It's strange that a wolf in sheep's clothing
With a monkey on his back
Turned into a paper tiger
Once he could smell a rat

Which came first the chicken or the egg?
Neither - dinosaurs of course
Are horses really liquidised
To make horseradish sauce?

We know a man cannot fly
But can a fly man?
Why is it one, three, four and five can't
But toucan?

Would a cheetah be disqualified
When finishing a race?
Why has a hare no hair at all
But has fur in its place?

Are hyenas daft to laugh
When there is nothing funny?
Pull a rabbit from a hat
And you're a clever bunny

You can kill two birds with one stone
Economical, but cruel
While the elephant in the room?
I won't mention it at all