Padlock the Fridge

I put a padlock on our fridge
Securing it from all my kids
Who really are a greedy bunch
They scoff my dinner, stuff my lunch
They nibble cheese and next of course
They're slurping down the chocolate sauce
The custard's been consigned to history
Though where it went to is no mystery

The apple pie has missing bites
While ice cream disappears from sight
And yoghurts vanish just like that
They hog the ham but leave the fat
The baked bean can that was half-full
Has no beans left in it at all
They gobble up my weekly shopping
“Where's the plate with that pork chop in?”

Cola, milkshakes, fruit juice drinks
I don't find poured into the sink
Then how come that the shelves are bare?
Why is no peanut butter spare?
Fingerprints in margarine!
"Who consumed the squirty cream?”
Though you bet it's not a grown up
Younger voices never own up

Strawberry shortcake - always stolen
Melons found with giant holes in
Bacon rashers go AWOL
Sausageless are sausage rolls
Yes my fridge empties overnight
Now chains around it are fixed tight
But I hold keys so I am fine
At last its entire contents...are MINE!