Poetry Perfected

A fine wine is poetry bottled
Beef dumplings are poetry stewed
Cool spring water is poetry pure and unspoilt
Jasmine tea is poetry gently brewed

BLT is poetry sandwiched
Blue Stilton is poetry matured very old
Fluffed scrambled eggs are poetry microwaved
Vanilla ice cream is poetry cold

French bread is poetry served straight from the oven
Buttered new potatoes are poetry boiled
Fresh garlic is poetry mushed and crushed
Dark chocolate is poetry unfoiled

English apples are poetry crunched
Barbecued burgers are poetry bapped
Real Italian cappuccino is poetry frothed
(Fast food isn't poetry it's just gangsta rap)

Scotch salmon is poetry smoked
Hot Welsh rarebit is poetry on toast
Red cherries and strawberries are poetry ripened
But poetry perfected is Mum's Sunday roast