Over New York City
Deep in the night
You'll spot him at the highest height
Who's that bloke in the blue and red tights?
That's Spider-Man!

He spins a web
Then catches crooks
And stars in films and comic books
Known for his strength and insect looks
That's Spider-Man!

Peter Parker's his real name
He and our hero are one and the same
Powerful enough to stop a runaway train
That's Spider-Man!

Destroying villains' evil plans 
He’s more super than Superman
Swinging 'cross the sky like an orang-utan
That's Spider-Man!

He beats Green Goblin, Electro too
While stuck to buildings without glue
Which spider can't be flushed down your loo?
That's Spider-Man!

Though danger threatens don't be scared
He'll save the world with time to spare
So if you're a fan wave your hands in the air...

And shout "Spider-Man!"