Angry Shopping Trolley

I am an angry shopping trolley
You guide me left and right
But I've got a bad attitude
So I go where I like
If you choose to use me
I'll eat and keep your pound
Then make you shake and then vibrate
While you move me around 

I am an angry shopping trolley
A metal mean machine
Although my mates help customers
I'm awkward as can be
I knock into your kneecaps
I roll over your toes
Please bring a bag with you next time
And leave me here alone

I'm an angry shopping trolley
Not your supermarket pal
Why don't you buy your groceries
Somewhere else inside this mall?
I bash the other trolleys
And give them bad headaches
It's not my fault I don't possess
A steering wheel or brakes

I gripe and get real grumpy
When kids sit in my seat
While parents push me down the aisle
And cram me full of meat
Take me to the checkout - now!
Or I'll suddenly stop
I'm an angry shopping trolley
Who doesn't want to SHOP!