Bungee Jumping Grandad

You'll hear him cry
While zooming off into the sky
He catapults towards the ground
He ricochets towards the clouds
Upon his head are five big bumps
'Cause Grandad loves to bungee jump

'Look out!
'I'm 90 but don't care'
He yells while falling through the air
My Nan is now a nervous wreck
The doctor says he'll break his neck
Just like a kangaroo in flight
I watch and cross my fingers tight

He's leaping from a tree
Or from a hotel balcony
Most pensioners like peace and quiet
Yet he likes deadly sports and heights
He plummets down, then bounces up
He wants to win the Bungee Cup

He dangles from a cliff
If I was him I'd be scared stiff
Though here at home we call him pa
On You Tube he's called 'superstar'
Will he crash into an aeroplane?
Will he splash into the pouring rain?
Will he tumble to Earth with a splat?
Will he squash and flatten next door's cat?
Will he soar away to outer space?
Will he disappear without a trace?
Will he crash-land with a mighty thump?
Who knows what will happen...
On Grandad’s next bungee jump