Blue is the colour we need most of all
Blue is totally cool
Blue is in the brightness of beautiful eyes
Blue is in the clearness of sweet summer skies
Blue stripes in rainbows too
The painful bruise on my big toe is blue

Comfortable jeans are blue as well
Lavender's blue - that's my favourite smell
Blue is in the Union Jack - the flag of our country
Blue gives the hue to Earth's oceans and seas
Inhabited by blue whales and blue sharks
Have you ever viewed a blue moon when it's dark?

Blue is for baby boys
Stupid Smurfs and Cookie Monster cuddly toys
The water turns blue when I disinfect my loo
Score five if you pot the blue with your snooker cue
Reds and blues divide footballing loyalties
Royal blue should be treated like...well...royalty
Light blue, dark blue and navy blue are frequently seen
Turquoise can't decide if it's blue or if it's green

Stinky Stilton, Gorgonzola and Danish Blue cheeses
Wouldn't it be odd if we had blue sneezes?
A Persian blue is a breed of cat
Got a cold blue nose? Turn up your thermostat
Tap your feet to rhythm and blues
Rock 'n' roll to Elvis' 'Blue Suede Shoes'

Blueberry juice will quench your thirst
Blue Smarties are the ones I always eat first
Blue Slush Puppies taste really weird
Did Bluebeard the pirate actually have a blue beard?
Superman's costume is mainly blue of course
As are the uniforms of our police force
You can argue till you are blue in the face
But if your skin is blue you must be of an alien race
From a distant galaxy in outer space

Blue is magical
So please, don't take it away
Because if you do
The whole world