I'm not Superman

I'm not Superman
Though you think I am
I'm not the one to get you out of a jam
The t-shirt you see upon my torso
Displaying that s-shaped red and yellow logo
Is something I dress in for fashion and fun
I'm not the guy who can fly from the planet with the red sun
I'm not Superman

I'm just a geeky superhero fan
Who makes a living writing rhyming verse
I'm not the guardian of the galaxy
Or protector of the universe
I come from North East London
Not from outer space
I save Superman comics not the human race
Want the real Man of Steel? You're looking in the wrong place
Don't you know it
I may be super poet
But I'm not Superman

It's a case of mistaken identity
Batman and The Flash aren't friends with me
Lex Luthor isn't my enemy
He's not plotting to destroy me with an evil master plan
Because I'm not Superman

I've no super speed
No x-ray vision
I've not appeared in movies
Or on television
I've no super strength
No telescopic sight
No special reflexes
No power of flight
And I'm not allergic to green Kryptonite
I'm honestly not that super-type

Don't be fooled if you're staring
At the famous top I'm wearing
Sorry to disappoint you but please understand
I'm not, never have been and never will be...