Beware the Pamplemousse!

Kids so often don't like grapefruit - too sour for them! In France the fantastic word for grapefruit is 'pamplemousse' - got me thinking:

I'm a sour, round monster
The deadly Pamplemousse
Stinging, tingling your tongue with my acidic juice
The Demon from the Darkside living in your fruit bowl
Don't use me as a doorstop!
Don't use me as a football!

My shiny, dimpled, bumpy body's brightly coloured yellow
Though many fruits are sweet and cute
I'm a nasty, noxious fellow
You may lick your lips for strawberries
Or for bananas
Yet I'm about as popular as a sea full of piranhas

Rarely in your five a day whether red or pink or white
I'll upset the toughest tummy, always looking for a fight
Buy me from the supermarket
Evil, mean and bitter
Beware the Pamplemousse!
The heaviest of heavy hitters

People peel me to reveal me
And rip and tear my skin
Then separate my segments
But I'll bite back to win
I'll cause you tooth decay
I'll squirt into your eyes
“Beware the Pamplemousse!”
Is my chilling battle cry

I'm the terrifying creature
That children never choose
So plan your escape route
From this gruesome grapefruit
Beware the Pamplemousse!